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Do You Know YOUR Hospice?
YOUR Hospice is an organization like no other. The Hospice mission is to support, educate and empower all those who are affected by or caring for a person with a life-altering diagnosis. We are the first and largest community based hospice palliative care village in Canada and we will soon be the very first Hospice in Canada with a satellite residential home! YOUR Hospice is a Centre of Excellence that provides outstanding services as well as teaching and learning opportunities for professionals, volunteers and caregivers.

Who Should Call the Hospice?
The Hospice welcomes patients, families and caregivers who have been affected by a life-altering diagnosis. This does not need to be a terminal illness. We help people with a wide range of diagnoses, from all backgrounds and ages. In fact, we have 47 Wellness Programs that our Service Coordinator can help you to access. Self-referrals are encouraged, so call us today or visit us at www.thehospice.ca.

When Should I Call the Hospice?
Our programs and services are available from the time of pre-diagnosis through bereavement. We are here to support you through your life’s journey and can help to facilitate medical treatments, education, patient and caregiver support, wellness programs and much, much more.

What is a Visit to the Hospice Like?
Our Hospice Village on Empress Street has been designed as an oasis of peace, comfort and trust for all those who visit us. We have almost 5 acres of land including an inviting 20,000 square foot Wellness Centre for programs, support groups and day hospice, a pain and symptom management clinic, a specially designed home for children and family services, in addition to our Residential Home for 24/7 palliative patients. No matter where you visit, all of the Hospice buildings feel like home with inviting decor and friendly faces to greet you.

Who is on the Hospice Team?
The Hospice team is holistic and works together to put patient and family needs first. We have palliative doctors, nurse educators, social workers, spiritual care providers, complementary care providers, service coordinators and more than 600 active volunteers! With a team like this, we can provide wellness programs, palliative programs, counselling, support, in-home care, day hospice and residential services.

Can I Visit the Hospice?
Yes! The Hospice welcomes patients, families, caregivers and our friends in the community to our Village. Please call us at 519-974-7100 to set up a tour – we cannot wait to meet you.

How Can I Support the Hospice?
There are many ways to get involved with the Hospice. Whether you are interested in volunteering, donating or even hosting an event, we are always happy to work with you. Volunteer opportunities include patient care, community care, administrative and events based roles, so there truly is something for everyone. Call us today at 519-974-7100 to find out more or visit us at www.thehospice.ca.

Why Donate to the Hospice?
The Hospice raises funds to:
  • Ensure patients and families have access to compassionate care at no cost
  • Provide services and personalized care in your home or ours
  • Support new and innovative programs
  • Continue providing teaching and learning opportunities for professionals, volunteers and caregivers
The Hospice sincerely thanks all of our donors and community partners. None of this is possible without your continuing support.

Hospice Statistics
On average we serve approximately 2,000 patients and families each year.

Our team makes more than 58,000 home visits per year!

The Hospice educates and supports over 6,000 patients, family members, health care professionals, and volunteers each year.

In the last year alone, our Volunteers gave about 60,000 hours of their time!

Our Wellness Centre has more than 5,500 visits per year.

Contact Us
The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County Inc.
6038 Empress St.
Windsor, ON N8T 1B5

Phone: 519-974-7100

Fax: 519-974-7111

Website: www.thehospice.ca
E-mail: reception@thehospice.ca

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